‚ÄčIn the coldness of the night,

He can’t handle the bloody fight.
He covers his face with tears in his eyes,

Doesn’t even bother to swat the flies.
With blood all over,he could see bodies far and yonder.

All because of the mistake of a suicide bomber.
“All I did was to come to church”.he cried,

“I didn’t even eat the potatoes Mama fried”.
Sitting in the church looking at the beehive,

He asks the most important Question.
is God Alive?

The Realization

‚ÄčLike the snow from the mountain dew.

On the wings of the bird she flew.

Up and away into the blurry night.

On the love in her heart she took flight.

“He loves me,he loves me “.she cried.

I’m out of sight and also out of my mind.

Suddenly,the bird beneath her started to crumble.

“This is the representation of our love “.she said as she began to fumble.

No! It can’t be ,he couldn’t love another.

He said he loved me ,confirmed by my very own mother .

The symbol of their love withered beneath her feet .

She covered her face,free flowing with tears.

She thought their love will last for years.

She continued with her life,both happy and golden.

Though she knew deep in her heart was a little girl,

Whose heart will and forever be broken.

She took a glass of milk and leaned on a ledge.

For she knew the little girl in her was plotting a revenge.